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One on One

Meet one on one with Dan, a licensed chemical dependency counselor -certified clinical supervisor, to collaborate on finding your unique pathway to recovery. You will have the opportunity to develop goals that help restore and maintain a healthy life balance. You will collaborate with Dan on means of meeting your set goals in a healthy, meaningful, and sustainable way. Remember, you are in control of the process and where it goes as these are your goals set by you. You will have a safe, nonjudgmental space to begin or maintain your journey of recovery.

You and Your Loved Ones

You and your loved one(s) meet with Dan, a licensed chemical dependency counselor -certified clinical supervisor, for a family counseling session to discuss your family/relationship dynamics related to substance use/abuse. Topics may include but are not limited to: setting healthy boundaries, education on the recovery process, relapse prevention, strategies for stress management, and resources for family healing. You and your loved one(s) will have a safe, nonjudgmental space to begin or maintain each of your individual journeys of recovery.


Group of Your Peers

Process group is a safe space for you and your peers to process daily struggles with substance use and abuse. It is a place to begin or maintain your recovery process. Process group is a group of peers working together to achieve a more balanced life that is facilitated by a licensed chemical dependency counselor. It is a place to develop the necessary skills to enhance your recovery and healthy lifestyle.

Online (Teletherapy)

On the go? Stuck at the house or office? Timing issues? Teletherapy allows you to meet one on one or in a family session online using a secure portal that is HIPAA compliant. Telethealth is a growing in popularity due to it’s ability to reach many individuals that may not have the option of an office visit, allowing you to meet in a multitude of places. Dan is licensed in the state of Texas and can provide teletherapy across the entire state. Dan is also certified through the International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium (IC & RC) as an Alcohol and Drug Counselor (ADC) that allows reciprocity in most states as well, enabling Dan to provide online counseling in these states.

Substance use or abuse affects many aspects of one’s life that can include educational, vocational, mental health, family and other relationships. It can feel like a storm crashing down on your life. Deciding on what path to take can be a daunting task and the early recovery process can be a very challenging time. The counseling process is a therapeutic relationship that can help individuals gain insight and understanding of self-defeating behaviors that feeds addiction and creates barriers to recovery and keeping one from living their best self. My primary therapeutic purpose is to assist individuals in defining, engaging, and achieving personalized treatment goals in a collaborative effort to improve their quality of life. I provide individual counseling for young adults, adults, and their families struggling with behavioral, emotional, or relational issues as they relate to substance use or abuse. Facilitating change, may require a variety of approaches to fit the individual and their current situation.

  • The initial session will be an intake session and will be the beginning of the counseling relationship. I ask that you arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time as to begin the intake paperwork that consist of basic demographic information, history, consent forms, and all of the Caldwell Counseling Center’s policies. You can find this paperwork in a link on the Forms page of our website.
  • Session length for the initial session can be 60-75 minutes and follow up session will be 45-50 minutes.
  • Collaboration is key to the therapeutic relationship. I will assist with developing, engaging in, and achieving personalized treatment plan goals to improve your quality of life.
  • Treatment Plan – your treatment plan is your own and will reflect your goals for counseling and daily living.
  • Termination of Counseling Relationship – Ideally, termination of the counseling relationship occurs when the goals that are mutually agreed upon by the clinician and the client have been achieved, or the problem for which a client has entered into counseling has become more manageable or is resolved (Syracuse University 2019).
    • If there is a point where an individual believes they need to remain in counseling but would like another counselor to further their journey, I will be happy to provide referrals for other counselors and therapists in the individuals preferred area.

This is a brief description of what the counseling process looks like at Caldwell Counseling Center with Dan. Please call or email Dan with any questions regarding the process of counseling, what to expect, or any other questions you might have about the counseling relationship. If drug and/or alcohol use or abuse is negatively affecting your life, it is possible to live your best life. RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE!!!