August 29, 2019

Getting out of your comfort zone

Getting out of your comfort zone can be an overwhelming experience for many. I was always someone who stayed where I knew what to expect. Good, bad, or otherwise, I stayed where I could most accurately predict the outcome. Growing up in a negative environment for the majority of my childhood helped form a comfort zone in unhealthy ways. I struggled most of my adult life to find “my spot”. It was through sobriety that I was able to find a comfort zone in a healthy place and in most social settings. The key for me was to begin small. I knew a guy who dressed really nice and wore argyle socks. I used to think they were very silly and of course “that would look ridiculous on me”. I would wear black, brown, or blue socks and that was about it. I began to experiment wearing “fun socks”. I remember it like it was yesterday; I was nervous because “everyone was going to look at me and laugh or have something to say”. All of which was made up in my head as I had become accustomed to living in the negative. Long story short, I have now worn these fun socks for many years and many people associate me with fun socks. I love them and wouldn’t wear anything else today! Something so small has made such a large difference in my finding a way to be comfortable in my own skin. I still have my moments where I struggle. However, I am okay with that too. I would be interested in hearing what you do to take a step out of your comfort zone. Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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